My Rock

This is my rock. Large, smooth, and nonthreatening.

My rock welcomes me to the warmth of the sun or under the midnight stars.

My rock never disappoints. It is always there… undiscovered, all mine.

My rock never judges me. Not even when I am at my worst. It loves me no matter what.

My rock awaits my return. That’s when I say “thank you” for making me feel safe and loved


My dear friend, Joyce Noerr, introduced me to SoulCollage® yesterday. She is a wonderful facilitator and taught me how to tap into my intuition using this fun process. After creating an entire deck of cards they can be used on a daily basis to provide insight and set daily intentions.


I Am One Who uses tools of privilege to help protect all who are vulnerable to injustices, persecution, abuse, and oppression in a disoriented world.

I can only hope to live up to this intention.