Shanti Arts – Nature, Art, Spirit

Still Point Arts Quarterly Winter 2020
Nature Art Spirit
Issue No. 36

I am honored to have my art included in the Winter 2019 edition of the Still Point Arts Quarterly as well as their on-line art gallery. The art that was chosen is at the end of this post. I love the theme of this issue, Phenomenal Women, and am awed by the wonderful interpretations by the other artists and writers.

Shanti Arts describes the Still Point Arts Quarterly as “a truly beautiful and engaging art and literary journal. Produced four times a year, each issue focuses on a theme and features historical and contemporary art, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The Quarterly has been praised for its rich content as well as its splendid layout and design. Intended for artists, nature lovers, seekers, and enthusiasts of all types.

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Indulge yourself in a visual and literary feast—four times a year.”

The Three Graces
Safe Space

My Rock

This is my rock. Large, smooth, and nonthreatening.

My rock welcomes me to the warmth of the sun or under the midnight stars.

My rock never disappoints. It is always there… undiscovered, all mine.

My rock never judges me. Not even when I am at my worst. It loves me no matter what.

My rock awaits my return. That’s when I say “thank you” for making me feel safe and loved