Semi-Abstract Figures

I was recently introduced to these fabulous semi abstract figures by my talented art teacher, Diane Segal. I just happened to meet Diane in a local art store and knew right away that I wanted to sign up for her workshops. (See below for information on Diane’s upcoming art show in Troy, NY)

I love the potential of these simple figures. After finding magazine and catalog pictures, I traced around them with a thick marker, extending their length in order to lengthen them a bit. From there, I cut them out (just like making paper dolls) and gave them a coat of gesso. They’ll be given their forever colors after I decide how I want to integrate them into various mixed media pieces. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.

Have you ever played around with this type of figure in your artwork or art journal? Would love to see how you integrated them
into your work.
Can’t wait to see this show. Diane’s art is unique,
thought provoking, and beautiful.